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The Showroom On Union

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Airport Plaza Jewelers, The Showroom on Union is Buffalo and Western New York’s most recognized jewelry store, specializing in gold, silver, watch, coin and diamond buying. The Showroom on Union hosts the most beautiful selection of GIA certified diamonds, engagement rings, charms, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, vintage estate jewelry and more!

The Showroom on Union pays instant cash now for:

As Buffalo and WNY’s most recognized gold and jewelry dealers, we welcome you to The Showroom on Union. In 25 years, 100,000 people have brought us their old gold scrap, gold chains, gold coins, broken gold, gold rings, dental gold, gold watches, and gold diamond jewelry. We in turn have paid out millions of dollars to our customer’s friends and neighbors. If you have anything ranging from scrap gold to gold Tiffany jewelry, come see us at The Showroom on Union. 

While most gold buyers only buy your jewelry for its scrap value, we at evaluate your gold jewelry for its potential jewelry value. One customer reported how a gold buyer threw her mothers antique gold and diamond brooch on a scale and offered her the scrap value. This will never happen at The Showroom on Union! Please bring your quality fashion gold rings, gold bracelets, gold brooches, platinum jewelry, gold diamond jewelry, and even higher quality signed and vintage estate pieces, for serious cash today. Take the 33 east to Union Road and look for the chicken mobile. The Showroom on Union – The Serious Gold Buyers!

Gold that we buy:

Gold Jewelry, gold bracelets, gold rings, gold charms, gold necklaces, gold pendants, gold chains, broken gold, damaged gold, gold class rings, antique vintage gold jewelry, 8k, 9k, 10k, 12k, 14k, 18k, 21k, 22k, 24k, dental gold, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, gold bullion, gold bars, gold coins, gold watches, kinked gold, wedding bands, gold pocket watches, scrap gold, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrands, American Gold Buffalos, gold earrings, rare gold coins, gold eagles, estate jewelry, gold Indians, private mint gold, franklin mint gold, government issue gold, junk gold, gold commemorative coins, gold Rolex watches, gold Breitling watches, gold Cartier watches

If you want to know who pays cash for jewelry, the answer is Airport Plaza Jewelers, the Showroom on Union.  At The Showroom, we pay serious cash for your old gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry, vintage jewelry, estate jewelry, designer gold and silver jewelry too.  We buy old gold jewelry of all types.  We buy gold rings, we buy gold chains, gold bracelets, gold earrings and gold anklets as well.  Not sure if your items are 10 karat, 14 karat, 18 karat or even gold at all?  When in doubt, bring your jewelry out to Airport Plaza Jewelers at 4230 Union Road in Cheektowaga.  We are happy to evaluate your jewelry properly and pay YOU cash accordingly.  To find us, take the 33 Expressway East to the Union Road exit.  Turn right at the Union Road light and you’ll see our bright red awning – and above that in giant red letters – “THE SHOWROOM”.  You don’t need to make an appointment – we look forward to paying cash for your jewelry at The Showroom on Union!

Airport Plaza Jewelers The Showroom on Union is one of Buffalo New York’s most trusted silver dealers, silver buyers and silver collectors. We welcome you to The Showroom on Union, your information hub about silver coins, silver chains, scrap silver, junk silver, silver coins, and silver jewelry. We desire to be the embodiment of a friendly knowledgeable staff carefully evaluating your items whether scrap silver or cherished family heirlooms. Just take the 33 east to Union Road and look for the bright red awning!

At The Showroom on Union, we aren’t like most jewelers when it comes to evaluating your silver rings, silver coins, silver earrings and silver jewelry. We pride ourselves specifically on our knowledgeable staff and the fairness to the customer. Spanning over seventeen years of successful transactions with members of the community we provide a service environment like no other jeweler. Just take the 33 east to Union Road and Come On In! Your service is our pleasure.

If you’re asking who buys Rolex watches in Buffalo, look no further than The Showroom on Union.  Airport Plaza Jewelers is a major Rolex watch buyer in Buffalo, N.Y.  As an unauthorized Rolex watch dealer, we buy and sell locally.  We also supply our National Trading Partners. We always need gold and stainless steel Rolex wrist watches, including Day-Date, Datejust, Oyster Perpetual, Air-King, GMT-Master II, Yacht-Master, Submariner and Lady-Datejust.  We buy Rolex watches in any condition – the better the condition the higher the price of course.

 We are also buying quality brands such as Breitling, Hamilton, Patek Philippe, Vacheron, 10k, 14k, 18k, newer quality Swiss watches, as well as antique vintage estate watches.  We also buy antique vintage estate pocket watches – all types, all sizes – in any condition. Better name-brand watches in good condition can bring thousands of dollars to you. If it’s an old gold pocket watch, consider it sold.

 The Showroom has purchased thousands of watches. We are not just dealers and buyers – we are also collectors. Conveniently located at 4230 Union Road Cheektowaga NY, right next to the Liberty Tax store.  Look for our bright red awning!

When you think about Airport Plaza Jewelers – The Showroom on Union you probably don’t think antique dealer. However, we have purchased hundreds of quality antiques, through the years, right here in Buffalo, N.Y. Our little store may not be big in size, our price for quality antiques is BIG. Antiques by strict definition are items over 100 years old. Not to worry if your item doesn’t make the age test; we still want to see it anyway.

We like and pay serious cash for everything from pottery, old clocks, antique postcards, antique guns, fishing gear, antique furniture, old paintings, war souvenirs, antique watches and whatever else comes to mind. Not sure? Just bring it in or call Don at The Showroom on Union (716) 580-3424. We’re delighted to evaluate your treasures.

Antiques We Buy:

antique clocks, carnival glass, Hummels, Nippon China, figurines from occupied Japan, Roseville pottery, Roycroft, antique autographs, antique coins and medals, antique estate jewelry, antique furniture, antique games, antique guns, antique Indian items, antique silverware, antique slot machines, antique sports cards, antique sports memorabilia, antique swords, antique tables and chairs, antique tokens, antique toys, antique uniforms, antique vases, art, buy and sell, buy and sell antiques, empire style, fishing rods and reels, mission style, paintings, post cards, Victorian antiques

Airport Plaza Jewelers The Showroom is the area’s most visible diamond buyer, diamond dealer and diamond broker. We buy and sell diamonds every day. Our national trading partners are always in need of diamonds, so The Showroom on Union is always in need of diamonds. No diamond is too big or too small for consideration. Owner, Don Hoffman has been buying diamonds in Buffalo and Western New York for over twenty-eight years, and he would be delighted to buy your diamonds as well. Just take the 33 east to Union Road to The Showroom on Union to cash out your diamonds today. Your diamond jewelry can be worth serious cash. We buy gold diamond jewelry, silver diamond jewelry, and platinum diamond jewelry. Condition doesn’t matter. We are buyers of diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces, diamond brooches, and diamond earrings. If it has diamonds, it has our interest. We look forward to carefully evaluating your diamond jewelry and giving it the consideration it deserves.

We Buy Rare Coins:

We love coins at The Showroom on Union. Yes, we buy and sell coins, but we are a different kind of coin dealer and coin buyer. You see, we are also coin collectors, which is why we can pay more than a typical coin dealer.  A dealer simply buys to make a profit. If we need your coins for our collection, we will pay much more than any dealer will. Find out for yourself why thousands of Western New Yorkers have brough their silver coins and gold coins to The Showroom on Union.

If you have one coin or an entire collection, it would be our pleasure to carefully evaluate each and every coin for its numismatic value and pay accordingly. There’s no need to worry about pushy, know it all, grumpy dealers. When you meet Rick or Don, you’ll immediately realize we are all here to serve you – our customers.

Got coins? Get cash! Take the 33 east to Union Road to The Showroom on Union. Hope to see you soon!

Watches (Pocket 1Watches, Swiss, Rolex):

Airport Plaza Jewelers The Showroom on Union is a major watch buyer in Buffalo N.Y. As watch dealers we buy and sell locally and also supply our National Trading Partners. We always need wrist watches like Rolex, Brietling, Hamilton, Patek Philippe, Vacheron, 10k, 14k, 18k, newer quality Swiss watches as well as antique vintage estate watches. We buy watches in any condition, the better the condition the higher the price of course.

The Showroom on Union is also buying Antique Vintage estate pocket watches. All types, all sizes, in any condition. “Better” name brand watches in good condition can bring thousands of dollars to you. If it’s an old gold pocket watch; consider it sold. Airport Plaza Jewelers has purchased 1000’s of watches. We are not just Dealers and buyers; we are also collectors. If I want your watch for my collection, no other dealer will want to match my price. Just take the 33 East to Union Rd and Airport Plaza Jewelers The Showroom on Union. Get serious cash for your wristwatch or pocket watch, today!

Watches We Buy:

Silver watches, gold watches, men’s watches, pocket watches, open face watches, Hunter’s case watches, Rolex watches, Breitling watches, Hamilton watches, chronograph watches, president watches, Submariner watches, Stainless watches, antique vintage estate watches, SouthBend watches, Ball watches, Railroad watches, Waltham watches, Fredonia Watches, Elgin Watches, Hampden Watches, E. Howard watches, Illinois Watches, Keystone watches, J.H. Mulford watches, Nashua Watches, New Haven Watches, 17 Jewel watches, 19 Jewel watches, 21 Jewel watches, 23 Jewel watches, 24 Jewel watches, 25 Jewel watches, Non-magnetic watches, OTAY watches, Pitkin watches, Rockford watches, SouthBend watches, United States watches, Character watches, comic watches, Breguet watches, Musical watches, Agassiz watches, Audemars watches, Audemars Piguet watches, Cartier watches, E.J. Dent watches, Ditisheim watches, Dubois watches, Girard-Perregaux watches, Gruen, E. Gubelin watches, Huguenin watches, International watches, Jules Jurgensen watches, A. Lange & Sohne watches, LeCoultre watches, Longines watches, Mathey watches, Tissot watches, Movado watches, Ulysse Nardin watches, Omega watches, Patek Philippe watches, Tiffany watches, Tobias watches, Touchon watches, Vacheron & Constantin watches, Repeater watches, fancy watches, Unusual watches, enamel watches, enameled watches, Eterna watches, Curvex watches, chopard watches, Baume Mercier watches, Piaget watches, Tudor watches, Tauannes watches, Universal watches, Van Cleef & Arpels watches, wittnauer watches, Zenith watches.

In Buffalo and Western New York,  Airport Plaza Jewelers The Showroom on Union is the place to sell your antique vintage estate jewelry. Throughout the years, we have purchased thousands of pieces ranging from signed vintage costume jewelry to Van Cleef and Appels platinum jewelry. We buy and sell locally.  However, we do have a network of national trading partners who are always looking for better pieces. Because of this, we can always use additional items brought to us for sale. Whether it’s costume jewelry or Tiffany jewelry, we buy it all.

Just take the 33 Expressway East to Union Rd and Airport Plaza Jewelers The Showroom on Union for instant cash now on your antique vintage estate jewelry. We hope you will visit Don and Rick in the near future.

Have a jewelry collection or estate? We buy one item, an entire collection or an entire estate. No estate jewelry items are to big or small. We love high-end, high quality fine designer jewelry pieces, with or without diamonds. Gold, platinum, silver it doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is that you come to The Showroom on Union.

We Buy Collectibles:

The Kiosk buys and sells collectibles, ranging from individual pieces to entire collections. Collectibles encompasses a wide variety of things including just about anything someone would want to collect. Some people collect watches, some collect autographs and sports memorabilia, and some collect post cards or photographs. Some even collect old books, magazines, and comics. I personally collect watches, coins and antique vintage estate jewelry. A friend of mine recently sold me some war items including some from the Civil war, Spanish-American War, WWI and WWII. There were guns, swords, bayonets, medals, badges, awards, documents, and posters he had collected. I paid him cash. If you have items that have collected dust and you’d like to cash then out, please bring them to The Kiosk.

Airport Plaza Jewelers -The Showroom on Union is a buyer, dealer and collector of just about any item that has an immediate resale value and market value. Unusual or odd, even strange curiosity items can be considered collectible to us at The Showroom on Union. We’d love to evaluate your collectibles and cash you out today. Just hop onto the 33 expressway east to Union Road and The Showroom on Union, and ask for Don or Rick, or call (716) 580-3424.

Because we manufacturer and cast gold into new jewelry designs, we are always in need of your unwanted gold, diamonds and jewelry items.

This process allows us to cut out the manufacturer and offer spectacular deals on NEW, high-quality jewelry designs, every day!

Get serious cash when you SELL! Save big when you BUY! Call Don, Rick or Laurie at (716) 580 – 3424.

When it comes to the competition, we beat their offers like a bass drum®.